Importance of Preventative Maintenance for your Commercial Roof

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The same concept goes for your commercial roof! Preventative maintenance is the best defense against expensive roof repairs or premature replacements and can go a long way in saving money in the long run. In face, preventative maintenance can increase the serviceable life of a commercial roof anywhere from 30 to 70 percent, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association.

Here are just a few of the many takeaways on the importance of regular roof maintenance:

Avoid Costly Repairs

Compared to the hefty price tag of a full roof replacement or major repair, preventive maintenance costs are a small investment. Regular inspections and maintenance allow for the early detection of potential problems, helping building owners avoid costly emergency repairs and save money in the long run by spreading out the cost of necessary maintenance over time. By identifying issues before they turn to expensive emergency repairs, you can ensure that you’re taking care of your roof in the most cost-effective, efficient way possible.

Regularly scheduled inspections with a professional commercial roofing contractor can provide you with up-to-date knowledge on the condition of your roof and help identify potential damage before it impacts your business. Commercial roof inspections check for defects such as:

  • Potential leak areas
  • Damage to the roofing membrane and flashing
  • Ponding water
  • Sealant on pipes, equipment, and seams
  • Debris 

An unchecked roof system can accumulate issues quickly. Regular, thorough inspections with a quality commercial roofing company can help identify problem areas, quickly make repairs, and provide recommended solutions to protect your investment.

Prolonged Lifespan

The lifespan of your roof greatly depends on how well it is maintained. The better taken care of, the better the longevity of your roof. For example, a properly installed roof is designed to protect your building from the elements, but your commercial roof is exposed to many different factors that can cause wear and tear over time, such as severe weather or foot traffic from other service contractors. 

Oftentimes, these issues in the details of your roof can often go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Neglecting routine maintenance and waiting for issues to become visibly noticeable can make it difficult to address them most cost-effectively. By addressing problems proactively, the lifespan of your commercial roof can be drastically improved, preventing premature roof replacement and providing you significant savings throughout its life cycle. On the other side, building owners and property managers who react to issues as they occur will end up paying more in the long run compared to those who utilize a preventative maintenance program.

Prevents Leaks and Water Damage

When it comes to commercial roof leaks, fast is foremost. After all, your roof’s primary job is to keep the interior of your building dry, but minor rips, tears, or punctures in your roofing system can quickly impact its ability to protect your building from water intrusion. Should your commercial roof develop a leak, failure to repair it quickly can cause significant damage to your building’s interior facilities and equipment.

However, a well-maintained roof that is regularly inspected is far less likely to develop leaks. Preventative maintenance programs address the common issues and warning signs that can lead to defects and deterioration, allowing you to catch unexpected issues before they snowball into larger ones. The more often you perform preventive maintenance, the faster it is to spot problems, and the more you save on commercial roofing repairs. Similarly, the more you allow defects to develop before making repairs, the more expensive those repairs will be.

Minimizes Disruptions

Major roofing repairs or replacements can lead to disruptions in your day-to-day business. For example, a major leak on a commercial roof can force you to temporarily close parts of the building or relocate employees. In severe cases, a previously unrepaired leak can lead to water damage to a building’s structure, ceiling, and interior, which could cause disruptions to business operations. Regular maintenance helps minimize such disruptions by preventing major issues from occurring in the first place. Additionally, a well-maintained roof is less likely to cause safety hazards that disrupt your business, such as loose or damaged roof components.

Preserves Property Value

The condition of a commercial property’s roof is a significant factor in determining its value. A poorly maintained roof can quickly diminish the value of your building and could lead to issues should you decide to sell or lease the property since it could signal a high likelihood of structural issues for the potential buyer.

Protect Your Investment

A roof on a commercial property is a significant investment for facility owners. Regular maintenance is essential to protecting your investment to ensure the longevity, performance, and value of your roof. Time to schedule an inspection? The commercial roofing pros at Schefers Roofing are dedicated to servicing your roof to the highest quality, providing you with a detailed, in-depth analysis of your roof’s condition and needed repairs. Contact Schefers Roofing at (816) 847-1002 or You can also submit a leak repair request online here